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How it all began...

Global Business Register Ltd. is an Irish owned company formed back in April 2007.Under our flagship brand,GBRDirect,we began as an official distributor for the European Business Register(EBR), distributing and selling official corporate information on companies all over the European Union.

Today we provide access to official,live data on over 55 million companies across the European Union and the United States, in 20 different languages. In essence, GBR provides a gateway to hundreds of millions of documents and data from the official government sources.

Where we are now...

"Having access to information is one thing, it's what you do with it that's compelling"
The more we worked with this information, the more we realised that having access to,and reselling this information was one thing, but that by being innovative we could connect this information together to develop something more meaningful.We wanted to develop products which could make use of our access to this official information to solve every day business problems.

Trust, identity and security are emerging as the hot topics of modern times and these issues are central to GBR's innovations.The huge shift in recent years towards bringing business online means that it is critical that the public can confirm that businesses and individuals are who they say they are, in order to reduce the risk of fraud to potentially vulnerable consumers.

We are committed to helping businesses and individuals establish their verified identity online, and thereby create a trusted environment for all.Every day we are working on technologies to gather information from around the web that, when put together, enable the consumer to make a more informed decision on who they are doing business with.

Looking to the future...

We constantly strive to innovate and encourage creativity in the work place. We change and adapt to market demands and are motivated to develop products that have a purpose and an impact on people's lives.

Our mission is to "make the internet a more trusted place, where everyone can feel safe when communicating, transacting or conducting business online".

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